Save the date: #BlackPride4 led community conversation on 7/24

Join us Monday, July 24th 6-8pm at the St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church and University Center, 30 W Woodruff Ave, for a community conversation led by the #BlackPride4, community organizers associated with the BP4, and other invited Black LGBTQ+ community members.
On July 17, exactly one month after the arrests and police brutality inflicted on peaceful protesters at their own Pride Parade, Stonewall Columbus (SWC) organized a “community conversation” to address people’s concerns. This conversation was called in the wake of a planned meeting between the #BlackPride4 and Stonewall on June 22 that was canceled after the BP4’s arrival, with the BP4 facing disrespect from the SWC board members who told them of the last-minute cancellation.
Stonewall’s community conversation on July 17 was disrupted by community organizers associated with the #BlackPride4 to insist that Stonewall take responsibility for the police violence that occurred at their event and take the issues surrounding the #BlackPride4 seriously. The BP4 community hosted a short panel of their own at the meeting so that the community in attendance could hear responses from the people most affected by the situation.
Since this panel lasted only a short amount of time, we invite all interested to a community conversation led by the #BlackPride4 and their community of Black LGBTQ+ individuals.
Please fill this form out if you have any questions for the BP4 and affiliated organizers so we can best direct the conversation and address your concerns.
More information to be announced.
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