In response to Stonewall Columbus‘ disregard for the #BlackPride4 and LBGTQ+ people of color, we are calling for a demonstration outside of their community meeting this Monday at 6pm at Northland Performing Arts Center, 4411 Tamarack Blvd, Columbus.


Exactly one month after the arrest of four peaceful protesters at Stonewall’s Pride Parade, this Monday, July 17, Stonewall Columbus has called for a ‘community conversation’ ‘for a renewed focus to end discrimination based on race, gender identity’ (stonewallcolumbus.org/event/community-conversation/).

Organizers around the #BlackPride4 refuse to attend a meeting proctored by Stonewall without Stonewall proving that they take the needs of the BP4 seriously. Through their failure to condemn police brutality against people they claim to serve, their having silenced the BP4 and BP4 supporters behind closed doors, as well as their lack of support of the #BlackPride4 more broadly, Stonewall Columbus has demonstrated their complicity in the violence against LGBTQ+ people of color.

We call on our community and our allies to stand in solidarity with the #BlackPride4 and aid us in shedding light on Stonewall’s shameful practices.

This Monday at 6pm, we will gather outside of the Northland Performing Arts Center, 4411 Tamarack Blvd, Columbus, where Stonewall will be having their community conversation. We will peacefully demonstrate against Stonewall Columbus for their blatant disregard for the #BlackPride4 and LGBTQ+ people of color.


1. Stonewall has given no support to the BP4 nor condemned the police violence that happened at their event
2. Stonewall is proctoring a community conversation without taking the BP4’s demands into account — and SWC leadership has avoided direct conversation with the BP4
3. Stonewall has a longstanding history of exclusion of LGBTQ+ people of color, their recent inaction being no exception to the rule

1. Immediate resignation of executive director Karla Rothan and Stonewall Board executives
2. Stonewall Columbus contact prosecutors Ron O’Brien and Richard C. Pfeiffer, Jr. to demand that charges against the BP4 be dropped
3. Public apology with explicit nod to Stonewall’s inability to follow through on their mission to serve the entire LGBTQ+ community
4. Public condemnation of CPD for deploying violence on peaceful protestors


Please bring signs pertaining to our grievances and demands and wear ALL BLACK.

For press inquiries, please contact blackqueercolumbus@gmail.com.

#ShameOnStonewall #NoConversationWithoutResignation

Please continue donating to cover the #BlackPride4’s legal fees at www.youcaring.com/blackpride4.